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Sep 7 / Devin Sarno

Sarah J. Ritch “16 Days”

“16 Days” is a fixed media sound piece made with an instrument designed by the composer in Max/MSP.  The patch consists of 100 sines organized into 16 individually tuned oscillator instruments.  The numbers for the frequencies of the sines correspond to the flight numbers of 100 flights between Las Vegas, NV and Klamath Falls, OR between January 1-16, 2008.  January 1st and 16th having the significance of being the respective dates a close family member was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died.

16 Days     



  1. Pederzoli-Ventura / Sep 8 2011

    Bravo Sarah!

  2. Courtney Carroll / Sep 11 2011

    Can you post a picture of the instrument!? I want to see what it looks like :)

    • Sarah J. Ritch / Dec 19 2011

      Hi Courtney!
      You might be disappointed with the picture…it is a computer instrument made using visual code. I’ll show you how it works next time I’m in Vegas :)


  3. C. Reider / Oct 11 2011

    A beautiful & heartbreaking concept. I look forward to hearing it.

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