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Jan 3 / Devin Sarno

JD Zazie “Naherholung Playtime”

JD Zazie: turntable, mixer, CD’s.

Excerpt from the live set at Naherholung, Berlin. Recorded on February 5, 2012. Produced by Phonopolis (March 2012.)

Special thanks to: Trophies, Burp Enterprise, Mat Pogo, WJ Meatball, Semerssuaq, Wet ‘n Wild, Penates, Jealousy Party, Sonata Rec, Nicolas Wiese, Letizia Renzini, Tuned City Tallinn, Carsten Stabenow, Felicity Ford, Daniel Allen, Kadi Pilt, Kaisa Sammelselg, Lewis McGuffie, Patrick McGinley, John Grzinich and Olaf Schäfer.

Naherholung Playtime     


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